Femhack invites you to FemCrypt! - A workshop on How to Encrypt your Emails

Feb 8, La Passe, 1214 de la montagne


The objective of this workshop is to introduce you to the concepts of encryption more generally and to email encryption practices more specifically. The workshop will follow a feminist pedagogy and expect everyone to create an anti-oppressive and politicized space.The use of encrypted communications is becoming increasingly pressing, especially in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations on mass surveillance on the Internet. Besides, the first communication attempts between Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald failed, because Mr. Greenwald did not know how to encrypt his communications, especially his emails. Snowden turned instead to the video documentarist Laura Poitras who new how to use encryption. Encryption has become an essential tool for everyone (hackers, activists, researchers, journalists, etc.) who wish to protect their data and is therefore a tool that everyone should know.


The plan for the encryption workshop will be two-fold. First, a theoretical part will address the concept of encryption and its growing importance in particular in the context of the revelations of Edward Snowden on mass surveillance on the Internet. Secondly, a practical part will guide you through the installation of free software that allows you to encrypt your emails.

Specific objectives

At the end of this workshop: * You will have a better idea of the merits of the use of encryption * You should be able to encrypt your emails; * You will have developed a curiosity for digital security.

Things to do before training

You must create a new email account. The services offered by the big Americans monopolies such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail are unsafe and are the subject of systematic monitoring by government agencies. As activists who follow a feminist, queer, anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist stance, it is essential to think about (re)appropriating non-corporate technological tools. We ask you to use a service other than the big corporate ones such as Riseup.net, Resist.ca, autistici.org, Poivron.org, aktivix.org. For a complete list visit: https://help.riseup.net/ca/security/resources/radical-servers