FemHack continues its activities at La Passe, 1214 de La Montagne.

FemHack is an autonomous group from Montreal whose mission is to create an empowering and inspiring environment for politicized feminist and queer hackers. Triggered by Do-It-Together practices, learning by doing and curiosity about how things are made, believing in the freedom of technology, privacy, openness and sharing of common goods, FemHack identifies with the most avant-gardist elements of hacker ethics. We take an intersectional feminist perspective to what we do and think, which means that we hack patriarchy, capitalism and other systems of oppression.

La Passe is a printing and typography workshop, a library, a space for gathering and exchanges, a pole of reflexion and action, a rallying cry, an uproar getting organized. It lies in the heart of poetry library Gaƫtan Dostie located at 1214 rue de la Montagne. As Dostie was the personal secretary of Gaston Miron and editor in chief of the Partis Pris editions, the Library holds over 35,000 prints, posters and hundreds of hours of video, witnessing of Quebec 60s and 70s Counter-Culture. It is in this cultural environment that La Passe invites poetry, avant-garde music, counter-culture lovers and activist to meet. Pass aspires to be a catalyst for the plurality of independent local communities.

Femhack is glad and thankfull to have some of her events hosted at La Passe